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Girls R Like Apples
An Apple A Day....
Single - $1.00
Pop - Adult Contemporary
Previous peak charts position #74
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #8
K-Gi Scarlett
2007 / K-Gi
October 22, 2007
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128 kbps bitrate
3:58 minutes
Story behind the song
From time immemorial, for better or for worse, girls have been associated with apples. When apples, or girls are ripe, they are certainly very pleasant to pluck. After all, an apple a day (or a girl) will most certainly keep the doctor away as essential nutrients are abundant.
GIRLS R LIKE APPLES Copyright 2006 Shake'm Music Words and Music: K-Gi Scarlett All Rights Reserved 1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away All girls are like apples, have you had yours today? Since that day in the Garden when Eve first revealed her fruit Girls all like apples and ain't that the truth 2. An apple today keeps the doctor away And girls are like apples come and get yours I say In the bush or the Penthouse be ready to take a bite Girls are like apples come and taste yours tonight CHORUS Girls R like Apples when they're fit to pluck Gonna pluck them and then pack them in my pick-up truck Girls all like apples since the dawn of time Fascination with the apple's paradise pastime 3. Now Shani's a redhead hailing from Port-of-Spain And Julie's newly wedded and she's always profane They both dangled their apples in the back of my SUV Before too long BANG! it's a fait accompli 4. An apple today kept my doctor away And girls are like apples I just had mine today I'm still licking my fingers remembering how sweet she tasted Every day without apples is a day that's wasted CHORUS BRIDGE Mandy's like an apple and my Sandy she is too Gonna peel them; peel them Penny's like an apple and my Jenny is sweet too Gonna peel them; gotta peel them repeat Verse 1 repeat CHORUS and fade
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