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That's My Life (take it or leave it)
Acoustic Slide Guitar in E7 tuning - I like this scale.Message: Ain't hurtin' nobody or nothing. Let me do what I want to do and I'll have no problem with you.
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Blues - Acoustic Blues
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Thomas P. Inglis
2003, Tom Inglis, all rights reserved
September 06, 2003
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4:45 minutes
Story behind the song
This song is about a moderately happy pot-head who resents the government trying to legislate morality. He just lives his life as he chooses and "ain't hurtin' nobody or nothin'". Legalize Marijuana Now! It will be less available to kids if it's regulated, provide an impressive source of tax revenue and...Prohibition just doesn't work! Legalize Marijuana Now!
Woke up in the morning, roll up a doobie Iron my work clothes while I change my mind Scrape off the stubble brush the fuzz off my teeth Sing Rolling Stones songs during, shower time Three cups of coffee and I'm ready to roll another day, Another peice of my soul At work I hang up my coat and my hat say "what's up" to the boss and figure out my day Fix all what's broken, stock all what's empty I move sh*t around and I put sh*t away Empty the trash and clean up after the cattle another day I think I'm losin' the battle Yeah, that's my life, and you can take it or leave it Yeah, that's my life, and you best believe I just do what I want, and I ain't hurtin' nobody or nothin' You'll have to listen to the rest of them, arthritis in my fingers is acting up. Tom
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