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Grace under Pressure
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from the 2007 7-song mini-album 'Seventh String', released 07/07/07.
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #111
James Hollingsworth
James Hollingsworth
July 07, 2007
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Grace under Pressure It comes on, always with significant words Around you in the hubbub Interaction is to interrupt the rider on his course Or the wheel, running smoothly on the ground Will strike the hand that touches Like a spanner in the works... The only method that I know To come through clear and go Is to pro-act in the face of it When every secret thought will show I drag up every hateful weapon Unless I, neutral, watch And careful choose my Mantra silent While mindful, nothing touch Grace under Pressure Grace under Pressure Grace under Pressure Grace under Pressure © JMWH Jun 00
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