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from the 2007 7-song mini-album 'Seventh String', released 07/07/07.
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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James Hollingsworth
James Hollingsworth
July 07, 2007
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Zen Zen. Is a Deodourant. Don't everyone know? And Redemption, is cashing in your coupons Turn dreams into dough. Nevermind reality, what the words really mean Nevermind the history, as long as the ad is seen What's the Real Thing, anyway? There's liquid assets to tap And it all comes so freshly laundered Falls right into your lap. So. Appropriation's how it's always been And the plain truth, is do what you oughta And always look keen Nevermind the history, now that's all in the past Nevermind tomorrow, how we can make it last Could be wrong anyway, you can prove your own facts Just feed the Great Kaleidoscope That's designed to distract And there could be a Way to get round it! The way these words come into our language As long as they are there, maybe we've found it! And we can look forward to a brighter yesterday! Well, it don't matter about the words! As long as the tune is right... And we'll lose ourselves 'til hope is out of sight And we'll lose ourselves 'til hope is out of sight ... is out of sight. © JMWH Oct 98
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