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It's Time to Heal
Mellow rap song considering some of the problems in the world, and inspiring us to help heal the wounds of greed and apathy through love and truth.
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HipHop - Positive Vibes
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July 01, 2007
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INTRO Materialism is about getting what you can get without having to give anything back. I think materialism in the West has made us selfish and has distracted us from the real things that life is about. Oh man! we're not happy here! We're all just fake. Money equals fake; we're fake because of money. It's like an equation, you know? (you know?) VERSE ONE What do we really think, and then what do we speak? Disguising how we feel, why can't we keep it real? Instead we chill, sit back and take our ease. Without feeling a thing we just do as we please. And we cease to care for others' needs when we should be on our knees, we're out chasing degrees... pieces of paper, "Smile, here's your diploma!" The world's in a coma brainwashed by the system. Ever since we've been living there's been this pressure to fit in. We're struggling trying to fit in, everyone's trying to get in. And so we laugh about the poor when our kitchen is a store with abundance galore. We want more... our bellies full, our spirits empty. Aint nothing special, we can simply ask "Lord, is there really something better?" Quiet, let's listen together... CHORUS: It's time to heal all the pain the world is due for change, we can feel it inside us. When all is gone, hope remains. Truth will prevail again, when love is what guides us. INTRO TWO: I think people don't see the need of looking after other people or caring about children who are starving to death or get HIV from their parents because we get too busy just thinking about ourselves and feel like we just have to look after our own. VERSE TWO As we sit back and relax, are we aware of the fact so many people on this planet lack enough food to survive, I mean it's crazy the way that we could be too lazy to open our eyes. We're so paralyzed by our wealth we've become so numb that we've never felt the pain of hunger even for a day it makes you wonder why the human race would play these games competing in a stupid race as we chase for just a little more than gold or glitter... while the poor man struggling to make ends meet just to feed his family, we treat as litter! Can we consider a different way, tell me please?! Let's reclaim our brains and turn off the T.V. Maybe then we'll see that the only positive thing some kids in the world experience is HIV! And I can't believe that we would watch them die all the while the food and remedy is stockpiled in the aisle of a supermarket or hospital can somebody tell me how or why this is possible? Coz you and I are responsible. And that's a fact, no matter the crap we've been fed. The fear of lack of cash has made us the walking dead! Let's awake and be resurrected. CHORUS: It's time to heal all the pain this world is due for change, we can feel it inside us when all is gone, hope remains truth will prevail again when love is what guides us. INTRO THREE: We choose to be ignorant. So I think a lot of the time claiming ignorance as a reason for not helping isn't really valid. (What they do is call you up and say, "here's a million bucks, be inspired boy!") VERSE THREE: Yeah, but how can we really be inspired? We've got our playstations wired up ready to go fight some bad guys, when in the real world we've got Rwandan genocide people running around killing anyone in sight. It seems just like a game to us living in this high life but not for one of those million who died. Were they raped, shot, chopped up, or thrown in the fire? I don't know, if it's not our family, do we really have the time? Out of sight out of mind... Don't know nothing about child prostitution on the Kenyan coast line, don't know nothing about refugees from Sudan don't know nothing about African blood diamonds... do we know someting about anything outside our narrow eye sight I can't believe there's so much in the world not right. But what should we do, like write to the government? ...tell them we don't like the selfish way that they're doing it? Would it do any good, coz it seems like no one's even listening. why should we try when no one else will deal with it? What we need is a reason to believe that our efforts CAN make a difference, if we act with diligence... giving up our lives and nine-to-fives in significance, lay aside all our fears and pride and discover new relevance! The crossroads are here and now it's time you decide... Don't be a victim of indifference! CHORUS: It's time to heal all the pain the world is due for change, we can feel it inside us. When all is gone, hope remains Truth will prevail again, when love is what guides us. OUTRO: In an ideal world people would have more time to spend with each other. We wouldn't be so focussed on money, making money and the jobs that we have and spending money on ourselves. But I think we would be happy to live simply so we could enjoy other people, so we could enjoy the world that we live in.
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