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(Straight to) DVD
We've all seen them at the movie store. The one's you never saw an ad for, the ones that look really bad ...
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Podcasts - Parody
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June 23, 2007
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(Straight to) DVD Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi So we take our Honda Civic Out to rent an action flick Cruise the aisles at Blockbuster Looking for something quick Gunfights on the left of me Car chases on the right Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude van Damme Oh yeah Wesley Snipes Straight to DVD, It looks like drek (DVD) Ah, what the heck (DVD) Let’s just hit the road (DVD) Stuff’s gonna ‘splooooooode! They’re pudgy, old, no sight to behold 12 years past their prime Made this crap because their ex Took their last dime. The production is poor, the scriptwriters hacks A couple of lesbo’s, stereotype blacks Stuff gets blown into bits Hot chicks show their tits Straight to DVD, It don’t look good (DVD) I don’t think I would (DVD) Take this movie home (DVD) Stars Robert Guillauuuuuume! DVD (oi! oi! oi!) DVD (oi! oi! oi!) DVD (oi! oi! oi!) DVD (oi! oi! oi!) DVD, got Get a Clue (oi! oi! oi!) DVD, Bountyyyyy Huntress 2 (oi! oi! oi!) DVD, and Kickboxer 5 (oi! oi! oi!) DVD, no one gets out aliiiiiive!
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