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Deliver (live)
Single - $0.50
Album - $3.00
live at the Hat and Feather in Bath
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
James Hollingsworth
James Hollingsworth
June 21, 2007
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Twenty feet down in the middle of the night Open to your innocence, staring at you, oh...Deliver The Mountain is moved, did you feel that fight? Did you hear ; "the heart is healed inside your mind" ? Twenty feet down, over a candle, we're gathered round Know how to handle us, but you're Blind to the light, and this fever feels like we're Twenty feet down in the middle of the night Oh, ooh woh oh, oh...Deliver In a teepee light, oh, ooh woh oh, oh...Deliver All done deeds, Tessellating patterns of our times Now the world's sublime, Oh, ooh woh oh, oh...Deliver Twenty feet down, I know what you've found Here's to Reality, here's to all of you! Here's to all of you... oh, Deliver In time, you'll come to believe, and you'll deliver © JMWH 1991
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