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S.Dohda - Shades of Grey
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #1,026
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #568
Organized | Crime
June 20, 2007
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3:35 minutes
I know its complicated... mama but its two way-street, and all I see is shades of grey./ Off focus. I fell into the stars on short notice... hoping it could change out fate./ And despite what you did to me... I took the drive, nevermind what the distance be./ Cause im curious if its meant to be./ Damn baby, your beauty took me by suprise./ Single file mind-frame... then you put me outta line./ So I perform like a rookie in his prime../ You said them three lines... my mistake to look you in the eyes./ Shit I just tell it how it is... im usually a wild kid./ But I gotta see if ya skin is as smooth as ya style is./ Never had a problem to stand on my two./ But its nice to know, if im lost I'll find answers in you./ Seen the sunrise and stared together./ But its a- its a.. damn shame... cause I know this wont last forever./ (Hook) I know its complicated mami... but its a two-way street. And all I see is shades of grey./ Off focus... I fell into the stars on short notice. Hoping it could change our fate./ Still searching and shifting through the cycle... im lost. Will I find my way?/ Not sure if i'll even know it when it when I reach it... cause all I see is shades of grey./ This is my love life,sweating and questioning what was right./ Got me sitting upright uptight every other night./ Im sure it had you curious, wondering whats on my mind./ If only you'd realize that its just the same on the other side./ Listen to my lullaby, mama why did we throw it all away.../ When both of us wanna give it another try./ Its pitiful, when I picture you with another guy.../ All I wanna do is cry, kiss my love goodbye./ Thought it was do or die, feel my world coming down./ When I think of you being the mother of some other child./ We've been distant, and im so lonely.../ This relationship really took its toll on me./ I dont know-no easy way to take it never.../ Did I think that this could and happen, and we'd break forever./ I had hope in the thoughts that we'd make it better./ Sorry, but I dont wanna know you if we ain't together... its too painful./