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Driving rhythm with lead vocal and strong backups and features tenor sax.
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World - Traditional Arabic
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Joey Allen
July 18, 2007
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5:43 minutes
Story behind the song
Relates words of wisdom about oil in the Middle East.
Far away in a distant land, Runs a vein 'neath the darken sand. Careful not to change her trail, Or your world will begin to fail. In the desert she'll rise, Tempting beauty in disguise. From the evil scent below she grows, As the Devils Black Gold. Don't attempt to cut her life, Freeing sin of a sharper knife. Turn and choose to walk away, You will live to see another day. Where the sand burns from sun, So does evil spray its gun. Through the shadow of the dark it throws, Flows the Devils Black Gold. Heed these words laid to save this land, Drawn by Angels wings in the sand.
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