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Would You Like to Dance?
Based on actual events
Country - Country General
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A. J. Howard
June 09, 2007
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Story behind the song
I liked girl. Asked girl to dance. She said no. I told her she looked fat in pants.
Well my heart’s set on a pretty brunettes she’s the apple of my eye. Don’t know her name it’s all the same she makes my little light shine. Gonna jump in my car go down to the bar try to make her mine. Gonna play it smooth make my move but I gotta wait for the right time Chours: Well my heart start’s burnin’ and my tumy starts turnin’ every time she walks by. She’s long and lean a young’ man’s dream, she’ll make a grown man cry. Should I take the chance and ask her to dance what if she laughes and says no way If she thought I was a joke my heart would be broke I wouldn’t know what to say So I swallowed my fear with another beer it seemed like the time was now First I rehearsed my verse I was getting ready to lay it down Well the music was loud and so was the crowd it was hard for her to hear So I leaned over and the words I told her I spoke right into her ear My heart start’s burnin’ my tummy starts turnin’ every time that you walk by You’re long and lean the girl of my dreams you beauty brings a tear to my eye I would like to ask if you want to dance. She just laughed and said no way I said, this ain’t good you misunderstood exactly what I was tryin’ to say Well my heart start’s burnin’ and my tummy start’s turning every time that you walk by You’re big and mean you’re a prissy queen you make me want’ to die I didn’t ask you to dance, you look fat in those pants I’s just trying to be nice I’ll find another girl and give it a whirl so I guess this is good bye!
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