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My Reflection
Jus droppin down sum vocals. Beat produced by Twilight Productions here on soundclick. Track produced by me.
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
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Gavin Thompson
June 10, 2007
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if i gave up.. would you wanna hold me? [tell me right now] if i left you alone .. would you wanna know me? [would wanna know me] if i pulled you so close.. tell me would you kiss me? [so close so close] if i never came back.. tell me would you miss me? [would you even think about me?] i been doin lotta thinkin n i wonder what you'd do would you even think about me cuz i think about you every night and every day not all the time but still i say that i think about you.. sometimes i run it on n on its like i do it all in one but if i could be different then i would pick to be calm alot cuz everytime i stray people seem to go away i got those words stuck in my head wanna forget you what she said what a thing to hear but i aint gonna pass no tears it wuz her choice man now im gon i disappear the wickedness happens and then i gotta blame myself then i gotta help myself cuz only I could make me well i dont need your help ill push before u back away and when i need your help still push before u back away because im independant thass what less me go relax today and ima proud myself yeah man but still i say.. [hook] when im about to tell you everything about my life lissen close n pay attention cuz i aint go say it twice i been thru lotta bullshit yea man all it made me cry but even all that bullshit right today it aint gon make me die im too strong to let go and i've never given up especially my family they always gonna keep me up but when the day comes that they gonna go its gonna be too rough but yo im ready for anythin as long as i had their love they've made who i am today and yea im really proud to say that im their son or cousin nephew related to them anyways they putta smile on my face always bringin brighta days brighta days.. always bringin brighta days its a fact that im liking sometimes u catchin me fightin but thats only the buggin of my pain its jus too rugged i aint gonna lie i tell truth especially when im tellin you i met you just three weeks ago and already i fell for you [hook] yea.. yu see i jus think that.. i could be a better person like who im bein right now aint good enough but i got people tellin me im fine jus tha way i am its kinda hard to believe for me.. but still i try.. n im gonna keep on tryin cuz thats jus who i am i dont give up on nothin man show no pain.. live this life.. its all worth it in the end.. you'll see one day that i aint lyin..you'll see.. haha.. you'll see that i care.. [hook] yeaa.. oh... this is my life.. my reflection