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Happyness [Sample]
Just a chillin track. Beat from Money In Time Records here on soundclick. Sample was produced by me.
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
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Gavin Thompson
June 08, 2007
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1:21 minutes
uhh uhh..yea.. old school like this people wanna know what they gotta do to keep the happyness in their life but they dont wanna know the pain n the struggle that comes to you every night people want me tellin them there aint gon be no strugglin its nothin but a problem but it iz when u be jugglin too much on ya back n shouldaz man they gon be crackin aint gon be no time for layin down or be relaxin every single day u gotta get up then u pray that everything will be alright n it wont go another way it aint gon be long.. no wrong.. when i be on the mean song i be lyin in action but there aint nobody askin what im doing where im going when im awl alone never ever tell me boy u betta phone.. u betta get cha ass home u betta get cha ass home i dont wanna be worried when im sittin up all alone tryna bring you happyness you see u would be luvin it but always in the end u walk way n u be shuvin it im jus tryna get my little son some brighta days dont want him in the corner while he goes n cries away dont worry bout me mamma because ima doin right i dont want nothing with pain n struggle that tries to gets inside everytime i try to back away it brings no happyness