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Always On My Mind [Sample]
Just a track about a chick. Beat is from Lucky Boy Beats here on Soundclick. Sample produced by me.
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
Gavin Thompson
June 08, 2007
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1:15 minutes
always on my mind you cant.. stop it.. and every time i think about her.. i smile and shes always on my mind.. always on my mind. every single night fore u got to sleep wuss wrunnin thru ya mind do think of me anyone who lies on the ruff ohwee its gotta be awl that jealousy every single time between now n then i been feelin little down and i dont know when i be gettin up a sorrow maybe go tomorrow when im feelin down i jus think of you even tho you aint around you pull me through way from the rain .. way from tha pain always thinkin of you what am i sayin you and i were meant to be all this time guess thats why ur always on my mind its been so long still on my mind cuz everytime i think about her.. man i smile puts me in a place where there aint no cryin takin it away .. always on my mind