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a re-make of a song from 20 years ago. This version is way better. I recorded it (poorly, very poorly) for an NMR song competition. Then Adam Kirby produced a much better version for me. Thanks Adam!
Alternative - Alternative General
Previous peak charts position #699
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #28
B. Christine Songs 2007 (SOCAN)
June 09, 2007
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128 kbps bitrate
2:26 minutes
Story behind the song
A song dedicated to the power behind the presence - the spin doctors, the "hit makers" of today's media stars.
Running with the big dogs Running with the young guns I got everything you want now I know everything you don’t know I’m a mover and a shaker I am the hit maker I was there before the first one I’ll be there until the last falls You are everything you dreamed of You were nothing ‘til I came along You can sell your soul later I am the hit maker I never turn and look back now ‘Cause I know this is the answer No more looking to the future You’re the symptom I’m the cancer Out before the other ones You can take it you can leave it You can taste it you can see it You can hate it you can breathe it Better call the undertaker ‘Cause I’m the hit maker JMB May 12, 2007
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