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A joyful song about a blackbird - look, look, at the natural world - how easily they are happy just to.. be. An understanding of being free amongst the eternal....
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World - New Age
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Jaya Lewis
May 31, 2007
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3:54 minutes
Story behind the song
Lying on the grass one sunny day, looking up into the infinite blue sky, I spied a little blackbird flying...
Skylark 1998 Jaya Lewis Listen, listen to the Skylark It sings its song of joy Of a sun that shines above the clouds And a breeze that laughs away the cares.. Chorus Cartwheels in the sky Brings a sparkle to your eye It sings of Mother Earth, her aged lines of care Dusty roads and virgin forests rare Harvest crops of wheaten fields Stretch from peasant times long ago Oceans blue and rivers flow Chorus x 2 Listen, listen to your heart A whisper clear and bright Of a beauty noble That has the answers of the wise Chorus x 2 8 bar melody Chorus x 2 Listen, listen to the skylark
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