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25th Century Blues
Here in the future, everything is ten times as fast, but that don't mean you can't get the blues.
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Pop - Adult Contemporary
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Michael P. Smith
May 29, 2007
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Story behind the song
This song is the reason we have a cheese slice on our cover.
Traveling light, leaving tonight for the moon. Back home on Mars, they close all the bars way too soon Here in the future everything is ten times as fast. But that don’t mean you can’t have the blues just like they did in the past. Here I am, looking for some place to jam Trying to lose these 25th century blues. Met her on Venus, a place called the Starlight Café I took one look at her face, then she took my breath away Her eyes were dark, as the other side of the moon It began in a heartbeat, it ended a lightyear too soon. I see her eyes, in the event horizon There’s a big black hole in my soul from which I’m paying my dues
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