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Yesterdays Dream
Rock - Guitar Rock
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Paul Brown
2007 Paul Brown
May 27, 2007
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Night has its child in the new day breezin' Something conspired thought of a dream Alpha minds mesmorising yesterdays Calling me on and on to some fateful scene Sideswiped crashing into riders in todays high tides You can only trust what you know Waiting on time don't bring no undertow back to shore No easier to drift with the flow Yesterdays dream problem here by Yesterdays dream reaction near by Yesterdays dream solution steer by Away from the oldest con year after year it goes on Reason will see true in lifes ever calling Beggings of need to put right to the facts Some call treason reality shores up to back doubts Through seasons no tide can turn Now is the time now is the time Of yesterdays dream now is the time Doubts ever lifting as time passes by in that moment You know that now is the time Of yesterdays dream
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