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Watch Your Mouth
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pop reggae gossip-
Pop - Pop General
Previous peak charts position #128
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Mike Siegel
March 01, 2018
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WATCH YOUR MOUTH Michael Siegel 2005 Why, why do you tell those kind of lies? Why you wanna say, what you can’t defend? Why, why, you know you made my wonan cry You made it sound like I’m hitting on you and all your friends.... Baby, better watch your mouth... What you’re saying Everybody figured you out, Things you say-, Not True Baby better watch your mouth, Oh Yeah... You better tell your friends the truth, What goes around is coming back to you.... No Way, I don’t swing that way I never looked at you with bedroom eyes Someday, you’ll learn what not to say Everybody’s lookin’ at you with crooked eyes.. Chorus don’t deny you told those lies That What and Where, with Who? The rumor says it’s You... Chorus
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