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nice acoustic guitars & vocal work...written for my friend and his daughter...
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Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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shaun hull
May 12, 2007
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Story behind the song
a friend of mine and his daughter (who was then 4) went to a susan graham white show in melbourne (this was around 8 at night)a€¦during intermission, robin, cassidy and i went for a walk around the local areaa€¦cassidy would trot off over to bushes and such and come back with these little berries or whatever they were and present them to her dad at which time he would accept them and put them in his shirt pocketa€¦cassidy would get all smiles and run off to get morea€¦robin and i (along with cass) went walking around and checked out all the goings on (for almost two hours while all the while Cassidy just followed along being very cool and just happy as could bea€¦never complained at all and just hung out me her dad and ia€¦i got such a kick out of her behavior that the next morning i wrote this for her and robina€¦special thanks to lin for her beautiful harmony... 8 )p.s. unfortunately for some unknown reason i opted not to use a "click-trac" during recording and there is a slight meter issue in the beginning of the song...we recover quicklya€¦but word of advice!..."always use a "click-trac" when recording!!! =z=
Cassidy softly searching through the brush as she seeks a hidden prize a beauties smile when she returns with that sparkle in her eyes a childa€™s wonder in the smaller things sometimes to oft forgot takes me to a place in my mind where my youth left what it brought cassidy waiting patiently take me with you where you run to watch your soul as it speaks and breathes to remind me how ita€™s done let me see through you the wonderment smell the Jasmine in your hair and leave with me the gifts you bring as you paint rainbows in the aira€¦(waiting there) i hear your voice as you softly sing past the worries of the day a velvet voice that touches me when there is no need to say for therea€™s a place where we both go only you and i can know a place where no one else can find like two flowers in the snowa€¦(we both grow) youa€™ll live in me forever and be the poet in my song while side-by-side we go through life as ita€™s here we both belong ia€™ll always be there beside you and wea€™ll learn as we both do and cassidy ia€™ll always show just how much i love youa€¦(as i do) -guitar- cassidy waiting patiently take me with you where you run speak to me and show me life as we close a setting sun let me touch your heart with mine watch you smile and take me there and ia€™ll take all the gifts you bring while you paint rainbows in the aira€¦(waiting there) cassidy cassidy cassidya€¦ -z- 07a€¦for robin and cassidy petersena€¦ credits: recorded and mixed @ lng studios, merritt island, fl. 24 track alesis adat system. produced by shaun hull, engineered by lonnie griffis. shaun -z- hull: lead vocals, six string martin and fender guitars linda katsaros: harmony vocals 8 ) lonnie griffis: bass