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Disease And Disorder
My first Dark Tech track, performed well over my expectations. It's very simple, and very old, several years old now infact, as of 2011... I will upload new dark and epic material very soon! /MindWiper -former Xerum. Stay Dark.
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Electronic - Electronica
Previous peak charts position #28
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #3
May 09, 2007
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6:39 minutes
Story behind the song
About "Disease And Disorder": The song were ment to be named "Virus" but the title Disease and Disorder seemed more original. The Disease and Disorder title combined with my voice in the intro saying: "Im gonna kill you now" is one way to personalize a Virus fighting for total domination -Killing it's Victim, the Host. "You won't Survive this time".. By that I mean that it is a returning Virus once defeated by the human immune-system coming back for a second assault... By walking through all those melodic stages in the song I show how the Virus evolve and finally entering the last act killing it's host by the dark tones... You can really feel it when you hear it. It was simple, but effective.
"You will not survive this time" "Im gonna kill you now". A reference to the "Disease"/Virus that is killing it's Host..
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