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Face - Super-Rapper
face the retarded-ass bastard with a mic strikes again.
HipHop - Hip Hop - Dutch
Previous peak charts position #545
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #4
May 02, 2007
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i hold a 45 mm, i ain't talking about a pistol it's pure cinematics for the human who lacks vision the full view for the few of you who truly listen fool, i dare you to a duel if you're committed try to write rhymes, it better be perfect i'm on that star wars tip, you on that battlefield earth shit i'm a motherfucking fiend with a bright mind i can even make the devil seem like a nice guy ey, i'm not here to make friends make money? they don't even think i make sense but i don't care, doesn't matter, i'm not a rapper i'm stuck here, i really should be working for nasa i'm like speed mixed with acid, weed with some absynth please, you is weak like some aspirin so i'm telling 'em these facts true and fair the truth is out there, the fuck you still doing here? bash 'em with the left, mash 'em with the right super-rapper is here to beat their asses out of spite stab 'em with a knife, smash 'em with a pipe i'm face, the retarded-ass bastard with a mic if it's survival of the fittest, you don't want to be a part of it i'll shoot 'em up vice city-style and kill a communist this is art, where the streets are the canvas but dark red's the only color on my palette yeah, i'll make the blood from your gut flow i'm something like pat bateman with a brush stroke for entertainment, i aim and let the gun blow so, hit the pavement, mayne, i'm a cutthroat face got issues so, who the fuck was stupid enough to supply face with missiles face will hit you, and jab you with pins i'll stab you, and then i'll probably stab you again mash you with a gavel, and gash you with a javelin then you'll see me pointing and laughing at what's happening yeah, i might slap you with a book you's a fucking worm, so watch out for the hook
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