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Room 418 [Basement Mix]
Electronic - Industrial
Previous peak charts position #2,849
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Meat Feast
whoever made the original sounds owns it
April 30, 2007
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128 kbps bitrate
4:40 minutes
Story behind the song
Room 418 was a hotel room I was given on a college trip. We were meant to be in rooms in pairs but my partner wasn't there so I was in a room on my own. We got given the keys and everyone had metal keyrings with the room number. Mine was wood with 418 scrawled on it. I followed everyone upstairs to find my room but it wasn't there. 417 and 419 were... I was told that mine was downstairs. My room was the only one in the basement. The door had a simple cardboard sign with the room number on it and the room's window had a view of an alleyway full of dogs, bins and drugged up hobos. I imagined that if I stayed in that room I may have been horribly mutilated. Hence, I stayed with my mate upstairs. The song's loosely based on that experience.