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Mild Courses
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A parody of the Rolling Stones' 'Wild Horses'. A sad saga of Pippin's digestive woes, featuring the deathless vocals of Merry and guitar work by KT...
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words by Merry & Pippin
April 21, 2007
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Wild food craving means queasiness through Hot things I've shunned or I sought out the loo Spiceless gravies and flavorless spam You know I want victuals tasteless and bland Mild courses: goodly pragmat' entree Fired, vile sauces leave me gagging away I clutched my tummy, had dull aching pain Downed Pepto-Bismol, to keepeth me sane Must keep intestines gastro-comply'n' Food treats me much better if plain on my tine Mild courses means that bowels don't complain Mild, mild courses cause no flatulent pain… I groan while chilis, they set me afire Pepper-fired seas'nings? Digestive-ly dire Hate jalapenos; zing, I despise If you are giving curries I dies… Mild courses, puddin' pasty and whey Mild, mild courses - no frying I pray… Mild courses, shunnin' zesty okay? Vile vile salsas - must hide them away…