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Another Day
Atmospheric Instrumental piano piece featuring Simon Webb.
World - New Age
Previous peak charts position #148
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #46
Simon Webb
Simon Webb 2006
April 16, 2007
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128 kbps bitrate
4:54 minutes
Story behind the song
One day I was walking across the old Hungerford Bridge in London, UK. This bridge was on old pedestrian boardwalk that connected South and North London, crossing the River Thames. It ran alongside a huge railway bridge that brought trains into Charing Cross station. Walking alongside, the sound was awe inspiring (it's incorporated into the intro), and you could look into the carriages and watch the passengers. On this day, I was looking at the commuters and I suddenly saw myself sitting, reading a newspaper in the middle carriage of a blue electric train. I stopped in amazement, and watched as the train passed, moving towards the station. Suddenly, it lifted off the tracks, soared high over the station, turned and flew away, east, following the route of the Thames toward the sea. I went home and recorded Another Day. It was finished by dawn. It was clearly anything but...another day.
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