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Recorded March 26th, 2007 ~ Climbed to #1 Power Pop Charts, #27 Pop Charts
Single - $1.00
Pop - Power Pop
Charts #8,897 today (peak #27)
Charts #477 in subgenre today (peak #1)
Lenny Berger
Clear Choice Music Publishing (ASCAP)
April 10, 2007
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Story behind the song
Recorded March 26th, 2007 ~ Climbed to #1 Power Pop Charts, #27 Pop Charts
We talk and talk but there's no communication It seems to me we're only wasting our breath I'm hearing words but I'm not hearing conversation We let that art die a slow and painful death We've go to find a way to break through this wall If we ever hope that we can make it at all Love's not just physical, it's also an emotion And we're both adrift emotionally CHORUS: Communication is the key To breaking down this barrier between you and me Communication coming straight from the heart We've got to each do our part That's the answer, our only salvation Is true communication We used to say that we would grow together But truth be told we're only growing apart I know much more about tomorrow's weather Than I know about what's hidden in your heart We're like two drowning people clutching at straws I know that we're in trouble but I don't know the cause Something has to give if we're gonna stay together And give this love a chance to succeed CHORUS BRIDGE: So talk to me Let's talk to each other And not just small talk To ignore one another Let's communicate baby The way we used to, yeah We can do it again If we choose to CHORUS That's the answer, our only salvation Communcation
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