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El Dorado
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Jazzy urban 'walking around' song by the great Bobby Watson. I took his musical track and wrote words to it. Recorded and mixed at Musicians' Collaboration
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Z. Mulls/Bobby Watson
April 10, 2007
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Story behind the song
Bobby Watson gave me this musical bed to play with. I got a great urban feel from it and couldn't get the words "El Dorado" out of my head. It wasn't a long trip to get from the search for the lost city of gold to the search for an elusive fix. The style of lyric is very cryptic and short. i> Demo created online at Musician's Collaboration
Keyboard/Mixing: Bobby Watson
Guitar: David Cole Wheeler
Drums: Mike Kosacek
Vocals: "TallPaul" from Musicians Collaboration
Golden moments at last Sweet nirvana is nearing All my past in the past El Dorado Some crazy dream No salt, and no woman for holding My skin is so damn golden How I gleam Ain’t no dream Faded photograph sidewalk Sepia shadows where I walk Where I walk Some days nothing to lose Blazing sun disappearing Dust kicks up on my shoes El Dorado Three gold balls Put my soul up for barter Every week it gets harder And harder and harder and harder See the pretty gold band Give my memory a hearing Cold hard cash in my hand El Dorado And you go underground Know where the treasure is found A packet of herbs to burn my mind And home I fly Already soaring so high Incense in the air, as I close the blind Golden moments at last Sweet nirvana is nearing All my past in the past El Dorado
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