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Better Never than too Late
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from the 2007 album 'Coming Home to Stay'.
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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James Hollingsworth
James Hollingsworth
April 08, 2007
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Better Never than too Late James Hollingsworth 12 February 2002 The music played, they were delayed Alone you sit there, embarrassed in the coolness of your lair A perfect image, raven plumage Casting eyes, accustomed wise to staring guys Pre-prepared lies Despite myself, it occurs to me I think you're just the right size mmmm Rising on the tide of a thousand revisions My body seems to glide with even decisions Your presence like a glove, fits smoothly the visions As I turn and meet your eye Let smiling fade, return to shade I close my case, we've acknowledged our acquaintance In this otherwise empty space I turn away and sideways to you, Orientation relative to you Careful working, you're such distraction A question forms, Will you be joined by more? And just then they walk though the door Ritually you rise, with greetings and surprise The bustle of your friends brings the silence to an end An awkwardness our alter fate, I'm glad I chose to wait Better never than too late.
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