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Long Way Out
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11 minute epic from the 2007 album 'Coming Home to Stay'. It's 112 kbps or it would have been above the 10mb limit.
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
James Hollingsworth
James Hollingsworth
April 08, 2007
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Long Way Out James Hollingsworth November/December 2002 I don't need drugs to feel sane again I rove alone, now, in the night of the Wheels Your fate's your own now, you know how living feels You can wait a lifetime to see the stone roll down the hill The Holy Rollers fade in and out, allowed In the Crowd, they hear... “I read it on the Internet, an empty modern epithet That a friend is a stranger you just haven't met” “God alive! The sky's a bowl! I'd never want to sell my soul For a simplification of the Truth, Reduced Negation, here's the proof...” (wo hoh_______hoo...) Magic surprise, make the Truth disappear before your eyes To fall in with the lies, you must internalise That living the Life is an over-sublimation of far too much information You can lose the intimation that the only implication is the Real-World's subjugation To the Night, We'll blow the way, we'll see Through to the Dawn on the other side One Life, Live it, basically you can't believe your eyes Easy living, something gone but you can't name the price, 'til, eyes wide Walk along the edge of where the Sand that meets the Land And where the Sky that meets the Sun that meets the Wind The Eye beholds the Knife that's joined to the Hand that holds the Blade And it will see the Story played if it can Dream long, Live it, Time and Time and Time and Time again Feel my New Song, feel the Fevered Dream and watch the Wheels Turn Cobwebs burn...don't weep for the loss of jewels that flee the sun, cause it's all One And I stand and watch Only long enough to put this thing to bed Until the next time I feel this Esoteric make-up of the motivation That guides the tides... And it was only my mistake to think it mattered Right or wrong I took the Long Way Round.
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