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Saturday Road Ahead
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from the 2007 album 'Coming Home to Stay'.
Acoustic - Acoustic Piano
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James Hollingsworth
James Hollingsworth
April 08, 2007
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Saturday Road Ahead James Hollingsworth I see the sky open up before me I see my road is soon to bend I couldn't face, no I couldn't face that again But I see the time is coming for a change And I saw that in my mind there were two routes I could go One leads toward the place that I can never know The road is barred ahead and I don't know the reason why But others are crowded on that way They'll soon all pass me by And I thought I heard a voice That said "I know you" I should not have thought That I always knew the way in which to go But how? How could I have seen the lie behind those eyes? But when I look back now There's really no surprise And I feel so alone by myself again It's Saturday afternoon And it's too bad that I've no plans tonight No one to see, no where to go Except for straight on to find out What I already know And I thought I saw myself, I turned as if to say You'd better pick up the pieces Before they blow away And I thought I heard a voice That said "I know you" © June 1990 JMWH
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