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2 More Weeks
Heavy Rock
Metal - Alternative Metal
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March 31, 2007
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Story behind the song
Dedicated to the brave men and women fighting around the world for our freedom.
2 more weeks wont see me coming I'll sneak right up,no time for running the battle corps has started drumming just 2 more weeks....... In 2 more weeks I'll be set free I've turned both cheeks yet still have teeth I'm feeling Greek,get on your knees yeah 2 more weeks just wait and see You bite the hand that slaps the face and snap the legs that won the race you spit out words that are venom laced and plant the thoughts I cant erase I'll show you who's nothing man Another week's already gone just one more week it wont be long I got an army,its one man strong just one more week..... A few more days I'm almost there no mercy from me,I've none to spare I'll rip right through you without a care I'm almost there...... You slap the face that bites the hand and broke the legs on which I stand cant put out fires that you fanned wont find water with your head in the sand I'll show you who's nothing man
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