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i musta been drinkin'
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a little loose jam...needs to be played ALAP...(as loud as possible) 8 )
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Blues - Blues Rock
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shaun hull
March 25, 2007
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Story behind the song
i musta been drinkin’ started as just a bass line…i had in the back of my mind what the song should sound like but had no real clue in direction…the final mix is a testament to my brothers tom and jim henry who had a big hand in taking the song in the direction it went…the lyrics are horrible because i wrote them on the spot just to have something to sing...(i did like the line about mike tyson though)...jim does some awesome drum work on this song and tom holds everything down with his bass line which was all done on a Yamaha dx7…the guitars are: (if you listen w/ headphones you can hear the martin d-35 strumming)..a 1972 martin d-35 and a modified 90’s fender strat ran only through a cry-baby wah-wah pedal into a laney 100 watt amp…we put that bitch out into the sound room, i made a couple of adjustments, and turned it all the way up...we all looked at each other and jim said "let's get the hell out of here" we hauled-ass into the booth panting all the way...i then sat down next to tom and his new super doppler 800 million thousand mixing console...with the phones on, strat itchin' and cry baby ready…the solo is take number two…man, that strat, cry baby, and laney do sound, as far as i am concerned… magical... -z- i musta been drinkin’: recorded, mixed & mastered @ tag productions; coral springs, fl. 32 track alesis adats & cakewalk software… produced by shaun=z=hull... engineered by timely-tom henry, -jammin-jim-jive henry, &-shaun=z=hull who art thou: shaun=z=hull: vocals, guitars timely-tom-henry: dx7-bass jammin-jim-jive-henry: 20,000 piece yamaha drum set. "james, do you really need all those"? "oh you betcha" -sigh- =z=
i musta been drinkin’ 4…3…2…1… well i tasted the wrong blend of the spices of life they bit me in my ass so now i think twice thought i was walking up there on a number nine cloud guess that’s what I get people for hangin’ with the crowd well i didn’t want to go there but I went anyway struttin’ my stuff down the street like a monkey out of his cage i thought in life that all i had to do was play and now i’m singing the blues and this is all i got to say (tell me ‘bout it) oh no, i didn’t know what i was thinkin’ ah yea, i musta been drinkin (get funky) -guitar- well you don’t have to listen to me people you can hit the street and roam and before you know it my friend you’ll be doing it all alone i can’t tell ya what to do i wouldn’t go there anyway i’m tellin’ you what i know i’m not tellin’ you how to play so sit back and listen and turn it way up loud crank it up there baby and blast it to the crowd and if somebody sits back and tells ya turn it down get-em in the ring like tyson and chew ‘em a couple rounds! oh yea, i know what your thinkin oh no, this guy must be drinkin’ oh yea, well now it’s time for me to fly oh and all i can say is just goodbye goodbye…. (aw man i got a headache, got aspirin?) © 2007-shaun hull-arr-