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Walking In The Shadows
A Space-Rock/Pop single about an Alien Boy and his sexy-but shy-Earth Girlfriend!!
Pop - Power Pop
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Lawrence Wise
June 15, 2009
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Story behind the song
Who'dathunkit?! In November of 1985, out of boredom and on a lark, I actually made a POP song! "Walking In The Shadows" was just that, ONLY a Single (although I DID 'refurbish it' in STEREO for a Cassette Album, almost 2 years later, in '87!), and it was so damn simple. Easy Chords; Easy Arrangements; Easy Lyrics. And, 1000% pure 'artificial sweetner'!! You know, a 'BUBBLEGUM' song. It's about a traveling Afro-Naut named "Andarrharr", who made a visit to the Future Earth (well, the '1985-Future', anyways), where he meets this fine, sexy space-funk/rock groupie. Only problem is, the honey is SHY---and doesn't want people to know that she's seeing a Spaceman. Not that there's anything odd about Andarrharr--far from from it; he's from that class of beings we call "GODS"--it's just she has this "How would it look if my friends find out I'm seeing an ALIEN?" attitude. It doesn't sway our hero, because he loves her nonetheless (even if they HAVE to "walk in the shadows" so no one can see them together--poor shy babe!). This is also the FIRST Song with the character of Andarrharr, who also happens to be the 'personification' of COSMIC FUNK--he likes to party, but he's also very observant of our world and it's quirks. Could he also be the 'vanguard' of a possible 'invasion'? After over 20 years, I STILL haven't figured THAT PART out---yet!
A) Welcome To The Future--it will blow your mind My name is "Andarrharr", and I travel thru Space and Time The women "Cum", and the women go They never stay to see my show But there's one chick who's very unique She always gets me (baby!) on my feet But she hardly stays in my sight (oh no!) She always walks where there's no light! (oh!!) (CHORUS) She's Walking In The Shadows Walking, baby, In The Shadows She's Walking In The Shadows Walking, baby, In The Shadows(TWICE) B) She's so nasty-sweet, and so doggone fine I wanna take her home and make her mine, all mine The girl's like a rabbit--she moves super-fast I want her to slow down so I can learn about her past She says, "Honey, you can look, but please, DON'T TOUCH!" I agreed to her terms, so we went 'Dutch' But we never walked where the sun shone bright (oh no!) She only wants to walk where there's no light! (Oh!) (CHORUS) Keep'a Walkin', Keep'a Walkin' Baby Walk With Me In The Shadows Keep'a Groovin', Keep'a Movin' Baby Walk With Me In The Shadows