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The Bright Side (Glass Half Empty)
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Uptempo pop-rock with a melody lifted from Beethoven's 9th
Pop - Pop Rock
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Capers Simmons
May 23, 2010
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“The Bright Side (Glass Half Empty)” Capers Simmons VERSE I I used to dream of you And wake up smiling I still dream, but no smiling And I hurt too much to think Of anything but how you left me Pulled the rug from underneath Drank the full half from my glasses Left me with the half-empties CHORUS I Now I sell my silver linings. And I ask for bad news first. I close the open windows God leaves when He locks the doors, But these bitter pills can't cure me, It's so hard to to swallow pride, So I'll raise my glass-half-empty: Here's to the bright side. VERSE II I still suffer from the once-or- Twice slight twinge of hopefulness, But they pass as quickly as they Come, although I must confess that I sit shiva, sometimes shiver, For the dreams that you shot down Learned the hard way: soft hearts will break And dreamers have those hearts torn out ~ CHORUS I ~ BRIDGE No joking No kidding No laughing means no tears I take me so seriously I'm haven't hoped in years CHORUS II Say goodbye to silver linings. Things look up, but I look down 'Cause when you've hit rock bottom It's easy to keep your feet on the ground They say it's always darkest Before the starlight dies So I'll raise my glass-half-empty. See you on the bright side. ~ CHORUS I ~
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