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Like the Craft
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This parody took so long to record, I never realized how much work went into the original of 'Like A Prayer'. This parody is based on the movie 'The Craft' and the Wican/Pagan lifestyles.
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February 28, 2015
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Story behind the song
Ages of AmIright, a website I've become somewhat engulfed by, round 4 said fantasy and the late 80s. Well. . .I have a fascination with Witchcraft, Wizards, and related things. I've always respected Madonna's strength of character and intuition. . .well. . .to even my surprise, I HAD NEVER PARODIZED MADONNA. . .I just changed that though didn't I? One of my personal favorite subjects to one of my personal favorite songs.
Earth? Watchtowers of the North Guardian of Mother Earth I Feel you in my veins and I invoke thee When we call Minoe I feel him in my soul We have formed a ring We're really not so mean As I conjour for hours I can handle your power Just say you're near I wish you'd take me there You hear my voice You answer without warning We will rejoice Now hear my voice Grant them nightmares I drink your blood Minoe I drink from my hood Light as feathers, stiff as a board Now we're floating Watchtowers of the West I call to thee I'm spent This girl she is so mean Please shave her head off clean Guardian of water your intuitive power I drink your blood You know I'm not too scared We aren't so vile The world is always balanced Not in control We call Minoe Now We're chanting (Chorus Also) Power of dreams Except we aren't just dreaming It lies in me Comes back times three Let the corners sing Watchtowers of the East (Chorus Also) Guarding the air I breathe and all of invention It's great I feel so free I do not dream of power Just to be desired Oh help my skin peel clean He's gonna take me there Watchtowers of the South Guard of feeling and fire I'm calling oh please I want to invoke thee In the morning hours I shall walk on water Just come in Minoe I know you're everywhere Watchtowers of the North (Oh Ah Chorus) They all just stand two toned The spells they have misused (ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhh) and they're in my home Lights up the air (Oh Ah Chorus) Power is everywhere Not like it's news to me They want me dead asleep They Made me scream (ahhhhhhhhh) It is not what it seems He took me there No choice, Minoe Please take me there (Minoe I swear I need your share) (They're coming to kill Me) (Power of three, Please make them see) (It's their turn to be scared) (I Know you're here, You're Everywhere) (Please come and heal me) (She's Empowered, She's lost her mind) (It's time for her to see) Wind through my hair (oh ah chorus) Minoe said bind you here No Harm you'll bring to me Your rule is history Just like you need (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh) Your powers stripped from thee It's like I said No Choice My Voice will now bind thee (It's in the air, it's everywhere) (Minoe Can help save me) (From water deep to Mountains steep) (He's even in your dreams) (But please beware, don't wish despair) (Do as you'd do to thee) (Cause if you don't, you will receive) (What is sent out times three)
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