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Jack 'n'
Recorded by Earl Jonee the 9th of Extra, down the phone from New Me x i co. This is possibly the best recording werk he's ever done. ever.
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Previous peak charts position #170
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #44
Hateful Jed
Not Music 2007
March 07, 2007
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2:10 minutes
Story behind the song
For Jacken, Lu, Liam. Good people all. In the hopes that they'll get their varying acts together and put out something tangible soon. You should be at these places, not here. - www.soundclick.com/lycanthropeoboe (Jacken) www.myspace.com/desdemonaisnotdead (Jack + Lu) www.soundclick.com/sleepwalksomething (Jack/Lu/Liam)
Jacken Jacken hiding in th bracken im going to get a stick and stick him in a sack and drag him through the marsh and drag him through the bees and pretty soon i'll bail him out -he'll be looking just like me: Backwards, spinning, Raptors, like Lu and him and Liam, in a circle, no ovaloids i think that polaroids sounds like it might be a disease. disapointment-oh is definately a disease. Watch out! for that camera Jack, all that digital rape and that Bastard who wields it! Bastad who wields it! Give im a swift kick and tell him Desdemona Lives! She Does She Does She Does She Does you know She Does She Does She Does She Does you know ..Jacken an' Lu an' Liam there'll be sleepwalking, something, sometime 'round here. She Does... ...sleepwalking something, sometime, somewhere 'round here. O-She'll be sending me and album soon, will she? please and i reckon that polaroids is probably some kind of disease. [polaroid she was a polaroid daadaadaadaadadadada !]