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Last Island
Defies conventional songwriting at every turn. Witty lyrics with a killer chorus and melody. About heartbreak and other matters.
Pop - Pop Rock
Previous peak charts position #544
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #116
Brent Rhodes
Brent Rhodes / Spectral Magnet Publishing, L.L.C.
March 04, 2007
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4:37 minutes
Last Island VERSE Is this the end? Cuz I saw you out with him Or are we just friends? Switching on and off like your discipline And I float in purgatory like a carnival clown Cuz you’ve been telling me forever that you won’t screw around Now I feel so sad, our love is bad And I’m really mad about that PRE CHORUS Perhaps down the line I’ll probably change my mind But until then I’ll have to kill some time CHORUS Calling anyone on Last Island Come get you some (Fun in the sun) on Last Island Baby, you don’t have to be like that No no you ain’t never coming back Why did you have to leave me here? VERSE II You know my sunblock Shields me from your cheap cliches I’ll tell you a secret We’re not living in an episode of Melrose Place Stranded in my sandcastle til the sun goes down Playing with my coconuts until you come around And I’m thirsty again with the waves crashin in Got no medicine for burned skin PRE-CHORUS You can whisk me away On a holiday But sooner or later It’ll be too late CHORUS SOLO PRE-CHORUS Now I drown in a lake of sand She’s not the kind to understand What’s going down I’m going down Down CHORUS OUTRO (Verse progression) Is this the end? (Why did you have to leave me here?)