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Vote For Me
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Promises, promises .... now read 'the story behind the song' Graeme Hobbs wrote the words Dick and Graeme did the music Dick sings
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Pop - Musical
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January 22, 2018
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Story behind the song
Promises, promises. The politician will promise anything to give him power but here he finds himself in an empty ballroom except for the band on stage. The scene is lit with the intermittent light from a mirror ball. The politician is dancing with a beautiful woman. The woman is his conscience and his real self. Every time they take a circle of the floor the mirror ball throws light on her face and each time it grows progressively more ugly until she is a decaying corpse. Vote for me?
Vote for Me For your loved ones and all your family Can't you see, how it could be? Vote for me For the children and the old folks Can't you see, how it could be? I'll put more bobbies on the beat I'll make it safe to walk the street I'll do everything I can Just to help my fellow man You will get your money's worth I'll make a heaven here on earth Can't you see, how it could be? Vote for me I'm gonna pave the city streets with gold you see I'll bring peace across the world, you wait and see You'll never have it quite so good Impotent men will then have wood Forget about your cares You'll all be f****** millionaires Vote for me My policies will make your baby cry I'll bleed you until you are bone dry We'll all be singing in the rain The country's going down the drain I've come to buy your soul So let the good times roll Can't you see, how it could be?
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