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Dear, CNB
f*** the narcs
Alternative - Goth
Previous peak charts position #75
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James Agony
Choir Of Agony
February 20, 2007
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2:39 minutes
INTRO: Ladies & gentlemen, Junkies & saints, I am proud to present to you. The drug icon of the 20th century, Mr James Agony! I am alone now she was alone too I could have loved her But i chose to shoot ..her up Right up my veins right up my veins They say you cant take drugs back in singapore right? Well iv been doing it for over 13 yrs & u know wat? You know wat singapore? I f*** ing love it! Haha.. We'll draw some blood now Play with my rush now Somebody save me I think i might be dead dead in your eyes dead to my eyes dead to your x 2 eyes
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