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The Shelter
A lush world to escape to. Chris Graf: synthesizers; A. Molotkov: duduks, vocals, spoken voice
Jazz - Jazz Fusion
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Music: Chris Graf, A. Molotkov; words: A. Molotkov
February 17, 2007
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You have just entered the shelter. You are tired. You can rest here. You can stay here for a while. I will be your guide. You are walking from one room into another From one room into another From one room into another As you look around, you notice strange objects, things that seem familiar, yet you can't remember what they are, or what purpose they might serve. Don't pay too much attention. This shelter is only for resting. You don't need to ask questions. Enjoy your time here. After your stay in the shelter is over, you will have to leave. You will reenter your normal life. But you will be emotionally cleansed, filled with new energy, open to life’s possibilities. As you look around, you notice that all objects have become hazy. They used to seem familiar. Now they are like puzzles. But you are not threatened. You know they are puzzles that don't need to be solved. A feeling of well-being permeates you. Now you are ready. You are eager to return. You have learned all you had to learn – for now. You feel hesitant. The shelter has been so comfortable, it has given you so much! You wish you could stay, but it’s not possible. Don't worry about it. Life outside can be just as comfortable. I will be your guide. Follow me.
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