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Into the Light
An original multitracked acoustic guitar instrumental - soaring, flight, freedom, height, space, uplift, elation, awakening, joy, brightness.
Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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David Kilpatrick
David Kilpatrick 2007
February 14, 2007
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320 kbps bitrate
3:32 minutes
Story behind the song
This was recorded after months of gestation on Valentine's Day 2007 and originally called 'Valentine's Day Massedguitars' as a bit of a joke. It did very well going to the top of Acoustic Guitar and staying there. I had several suggestions made for titles, just knowing I didn't want to leave it with the placeholder title it originally had. I thought of things it connected to; my daughter doing a free-fall skydive on her 21st birthday; getting up above the clouds and looking down at the sea of brilliance with lone pines breaking through the white; watching the V-formations of wild geese leaving the river; coming home after too long away. I thought of space crew breaking through into the stratosphere with the open sea to welcome them; of the sea-eagles returning to Scotland after decades away from our hills; of the way Icarus felt before the wax began to melt, and the way Persephone felt half-blinded by the Spring sunshine after a winter in the dark of Hades. Of birds, of gliders. Of a mother greeting a soldier son returning alive from his last ever tour of duty. Bright horizons. Of the rare times when your heart, your vision and your mind itself seem to jump a foot in front of your physical body. Everything seemed too literal or too allegorical (I don't really spend my time thinking like that unless I have to think too hard). Then I considered there is something about the tune which draws you on, like waking up. It sort of shakes off its own limits but never entirely breaks out to where it could be going, because that would be too high. It wants to be transcendant, but every time the pull of reality brings it back. That's how the title arrived. If you walk towards the light, each step will see it shine more through the dull clay until only the soul remains, stripped of the chains of Earth. The final step is the one you take when you are no longer to be here. One day someone will take my tune and play it, and add the final step. For now, just listen to it and walk a little bit towards the light, then step back and get on with existing! It was recorded using my Lamaq SL57C small jumbo rosewood/cedar guitar using its Fishman pickup, mainly, with Boss AD-5 preamp chorus and reverb, plus some mic, plus FX from the Roland VS-800EX. This was done using a CompactFlash conversion to the Roland recorder, in place of hard disk. All eight tracks were used and the SCSI/CF card system worked fine.
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