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Jesus is a solid foundation.
Single - $0.75
Pop - Contemporary Christian
Previous peak charts position #738
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #129
Perry S Mamon III / Perry L Mamon, Jr.
February 08, 2007
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128 kbps bitrate
4:32 minutes
Story behind the song
We were inspired to write this song, because Jesus is the solid foundation for all mankind. He was the Stone that the builder's rejected, and many are still rejecting Him today. The Chief Cornerstone, the Head of the Corner. Jesus Is Our Rock!
Background/ Chorus: He's my rock, He's coming to get me, and I'm ready, yes I'm ready. He's my rock, I'm going to Heaven, and I'm ready yes.....(Repeat 2x). Lead: 1st Verse: In these last days, He told us to watch for the signs, When the Lord is to come, in the end of time...... One of tghese mornings, yeah, It will be my last, my last, Gonna wait for Him, and I want be sad, All the Saints say yes, (Lead adlib). Repeat Chorus (1X). Lead: 2nd Verse: Every-body, it's time to repent right now, for the time is near, He will show you how.... Never stop praying, cause He is the answer. I'm gonna wait for Him, and I want be sad, all the Saints say yes...... Back to Chorus: ( sing 3x). Lead: (Rap) Je-sus is the one and the on-ly, And when it comes to me, uh, He's not pho-ny. He takes you to another level, and when you feel like crushing someone, crush the devil. Love for Him is ever-lasting, and with my precious heart, He fills with much passion. You can call on Him yall, whenever, so give Him your best behavior, cause Jesus is your Savior. um, I'm ready..... Music solo: Lead: And I know that, He's my Rock (Adlib and fade). Repeat Chorus 4x fading out.