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That's Gonna Be Me
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February 04, 2007
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That's Gonna Be Me (c)2006 Mitch Townley/Donna Galbraith Loved livin' in the shadow of my brother Tom He was five years older, had it goin' on Did everything he'd set his mind to do He made me laugh and always came to my rescue I'd tell all my friends you wait and see That's gonna be me Hitting one over the fence That's gonna be me In the end zone once again Going on another date Kissing mama on the face And saying, "I 'll be home soon" Watching from the stairs how I would dream That's gonna be me Daddy died of cancer just a year before Tommy turned eighteen and left for the war Momma read out loud the letters he sent home Said he got my picture, I was looking all grown I looked at his and whispered quietly That's gonna be me Proud to wear my country's flag That's gonna be me Giving everything I have Staring danger in the face In a hostile, lonely place Writing, "Mom, don't worry please" Looking at his picture I would think That's gonna be me Two men in uniform came on Christmas Eve In the box of Tom's belongings was a letter just for me It read, "If you've opened this then I'm gone You're the man at home now, take care of mom A voice inside will keep you company" That's gonna be me You'll know I've got your back That's gonna be me So give it all you have When you stare danger in the face Or if you're in a lonely place Tell our Mom not to worry please A voice inside will keep you company That's gonna be me
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