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Phone Call From Leavenworth
Deep Delta groove... National slide guitar... A tribute to an incredible artist!
Blues - Country Blues
Previous peak charts position #34
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #5
January 29, 2007
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5:19 minutes
Story behind the song
This cover of a Chris Whitley song from his debut album LWTL was recorded and accepted for inclusion on a tribute CD project over a year ago. The project was cancelled but I decided to put this out here anyway... I knew CW back in New York when he was only playing solo gigs and busking with just his National steel & a mic’d plank of wood to stomp on… He was a great inspiration, though rather than trying to copy (forget about it!) I decided to dig deep, back to Chris's original inspirations of Son House... Howlin' Wolf... Either way, Chris cannot be copied. He was an absolute original in his mastery and I learned that the only way to interpret a song like this is to take it to its source and hopefully draw from a similar spirit. I used my 1930 National Triolian (same model as Chris’s) and suffering from self induced sleep & food deprivation for a couple of days, I basically knocked it out in one take (strange yes, but I didn’t want to fake it and needed to facilitate an internal environment of discomfort in order to relate to this imprisoned character). The immediacy and rawness is all there… “All you got is your backbone to lean on, you can expect no help from your brain” Brian Kramer: Vocal & bottleneck on 1930 National Triolian guitar Recorded at Cavern studio (Stockholm) Feb. 10th 2006 Engineer: Pontus Andersson
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