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What's Yo Number
Single - $0.75
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
Previous peak charts position #2,780
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #278
iLL minded Gawd - triple X plicit
January 18, 2007
MP3 2.2 MB
320 kbps bitrate
2:26 minutes
im stuck on sick -n- sick as fuck of fuckin with these fuckin cunts -n- stuck up bitches suck me dickless break me big dick take some pictures brace for fistin fuck yo face till facin fucked up vixens fuck resitance run with scissors stuck convictions snuff the lizard pixel platinum ipso facto live in castles snififn paxel big ole asshole what a dickhead so addicting so it's tempting so the symptoms soaked in seltzer so damn selfish sell me choppy hell me cocky suck me sloppy blunts I'm coughin what's up now bitch? hey there girl you care to go down lay there girl on da merry go round stereo sound comin out my speakers out dis shirt den out deez sneakers in n out den in n out den in n out dat fuckin beaver call me perv wit a salty surface mr peter with a baldy purpose put in work oh bet I hurt it fuck a remix you reword it suck my dick untll your nervous D.B. Cooper what da fuck now imma sinner fucked the sitter n sucked the titties it's ruff n gritty soft n silky takle it longer what dont kill me makes me stronger lace this somber do dis sober take a bong hit then it's over the rhythm of the sun decides from the back up on top then from the side call me magic dick or lightning rod now was that thunder imma Gawd now whats your number