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Liquid icrium
beat: VI Namebrand
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
Previous peak charts position #1,291
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #181
iLL minded Gawd - triple X plicit
January 18, 2007
MP3 1.7 MB
320 kbps bitrate
1:52 minutes
I transform into werewolf when a prayer fails Airbud impale squares with liquid icrium jeeyeah I'm icky sick and friggin dispicable S.I.K.C. Theories kickin you in the grill with a million suns I transform into Phoenix kill a million fucks in a simple disagreement I transform into headstrong tiger pit deadfall I guess I'm uncooked cuz X is raw uh I is sick in this violent bit filled up with a realness rush I spit vexed when a high hat hits iLL dump and kill-a-cut smash the wrist tid for tat with tidbits for catfish swift scripts make it attractive even thought him's an ugly bastard hot as hell stairs scales snare kid icarus 86 crush AK to Bellair sails tear torn soul cavern carlsbad snarl marlow harbor silly stunts really focused subliminal I'm a silly fuck I float like a ghost on a blanket of helium banking on brilliant baby boomer derail stares BEWARE I'm like a criminal I'm grippin' guns sick sense of humor on a twisted pendelum I'm the genius with the penis you want between your venus.... flytrap to kinda make the night last I'mma be big you wont even need a spyglass knowledge never been modest I'm saber saw laser rays from mars kill base off a bit sabertooth rip faces off with it calmness call it karma puppy love hell legion two face go machiavelian hip hop tell you I'm a hellion hell is what my mood makes highjack ya daughter-n-taught her taboo S.I.K.C. Theories tommy buns off belly 2 banged up on the telly reppin' reppin' three consecutive felonies followed by gunshots from machine gun kelly S.I.K.C. Theories hot to def in river stix S.I.K.C. Theories in da alley way with a blackbelt for defense with the fight in me philosophy unbecoming conduct carry myself through the crowd like on top of it yallz monopoly died weeping wake up ding ding utter a word imma summon a curse off the shores of sing sing chummin the surf with anyone beefing see me rape all love hate our guts caution to the wind like aeon flux