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Grandma's Chair
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January 17, 2007
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Grandma's Chair (c) 2006 Mitch Townley (BMI) Scott Word (BMI) (v1) When I'd get a whippin' I'd run away from home. To an old white farmhouse At the end of our dirt road Always seemed Grandma was waitin' With stories for me there She'd hand me a plate of cookies Then say: Climb up in my chair (Chorus) Where I'd wander away To a jungle or a castle Pirate ship or galaxy And I would save the day As GI Joe or Indiana Jones Yeah, Darth Vader never had a prayer In Grandma's chair (v2) My last year of high school We lost our final game I threw two interceptions So, we didn't go to State Kenny dropped me off at Grandma's But she'd gone to bed upstairs Left the door unlocked, the light on And some cookies by her chair (Chorus) Where I wandered away I was Aikman deep to Irvin Touchdown! Cowboys win again! I had saved the day And he whole town came out for the big parade Happy endings always found me there In Grandma's chair (Bridge) Grandma passed away in June Packed up her life this afternoon Walking through the empty rooms My eyes filled up with tears... Till my boy found a worn out chair I hadn't seen in years (Chorus) And we wandered away To a jungle and a castle Pirate ship and galaxy Remembered the place Where I won ev'ry battle, ev'ry game And the whole town came out for the big parade All those memories to share In Grandma's chair Then my son and me, We drove away from there With Grandma's chair
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