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Satan's Last Dance ***Free DL***
A Dark Electric Shadows rocker.......
Rock - Goth Rock
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Jerry & Candace Willard
April 12, 2007
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Story behind the song
It's a path we all have walked.... And it's always the darkest before the dawn...
Satan's Last Dance Silent night, but the dawn is breaking soon. Quiet times, has crept into my room Silent night, has got me in its view. Quiet times, will be broken and torn in two. Chorus: And I feel I'm sinking down,cant hold on for too long Yes I feel I'm slipping now, one more moment I'll be gone.(repeat the 2 lines again) I curse the night, with it's darkness that's surreal. I hate the light, with it's brightness still wont heal. I curse the night, it's darkness bleeds my soul. I hate the light, I'm loosing my self control. Chorus: Silent night, dont let it begin again. Quiet times , reflecting all my sins. Silent night, a canopy of dread. Quiet times, it screams inside my head. Chorus: I'm holding on, but this rope is wearing thin. I'm hanging on, if you hear me reel me in. I'm slipping down, one more moment I'll be gone. I'm slipping now, and I feel so all alone. Chorus: Here comes the sun, I'll give it one last chance. I'm hanging on, tell Satan it's his last dance. I'm feeling warm, the light has touched my soul. It's better now, getting back my self control : ) "I'm better now" x 2 Jerry& Candace Willard
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