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A soft ballad about a commute home to one you love, with a spiritual undertone. Music by Ian Ferrin
Alternative - Indie
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Z. Mulls/Ian Ferrin
January 09, 2007
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Story behind the song
Ian gave me this tune (verse and chorus) and I spent a couple of days listening to it. It reminded me of a call to prayer, and I liked the idea of evening prayers, vespers. Naturally since I did most of my thinking on the commute home, that became the basis of the song.
(v1) Day comes to a quiet end Fades gently behind the eyes Tradeswomen and journeymen Life cutting them down to size Each murmers a quick goodbye Made blind by the vivid light Struck dumb by the painted sky God’s overture to the night (chorus) Join me watching the day recede How familiar the song we sing You bring me the grace I need Each evening when Vespers ring (v2) My labors are put to bed Dark memories cloud my mind What were the harsh words you said? What made me respond in kind? Heat vanishes with the sun Moon cools making anger cease Forgive me for what I’ve done My soul is craving a psalm of peace (repeat chorus) (bridge) There’s a hush as the night takes hold A moment of transition We speak our love and name our sins In open-eyed contrition (v3) Cars lined up in silent rows Heads bow as our hearts atone See how the procession grows (We) all carry our sorrow home I whisper a private prayer Love grows and is born anew Keep faith, love, I’ll soon be there Evening brings me home to you (repeat chorus)
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