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Home On The Range
Recorded 12/05/06 Cowboy's Song
Country - Country and Western
Previous peak charts position #26
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
August 10, 2011
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3:58 minutes
Home On The Range Big city lights....kept me awake all night Tried counting the stars above But they don't shine so bright Stood high on the hill Stared down on the plains I'm looking at the home I love Feeling the change And it's hard to defend Where the city and country end So I ask god to save the cowboys Home on the Range They say he's a cowboy....But he don't look like me He's got a new suit...a car with TV Cellphones that ring....right here on the range He's talking to some broker...as I stand in the rain And it's hard to define...the city and country line Only god can save the cowboys...Home on the Range I'll keep the campfires embers burning through the night I hear the coyotes howl and watch the owls fly It's all their's for tonight....
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