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Absent Without Leave
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With the recent global economic crisis, I would like to remind you that there are still Americans dying in Iraq. This song explores the value of the American sacrifice for freedom. Shouldn't we all go AWOL on this one?
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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Words by S. Williams/C. Hallereau 2006
2006, The Steele Hart Sound
December 29, 2006
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Dear Mr. President: I thought I would write you this letter, Hoping you might read it later; Oh, it could be time well spent. My stomach started churning When I heard of another deployment For my military employment With no hope of returning. Mr. Commander in Chief, I don’t want to go to your war 'Cause I am not in this world To kill poor people in grief. Now, I don’t mean to piss you off, But I must make it clear, I’m declaring without fear: I’m not goin' to the Gulf. When I was a young boy, Your father sent my dad to die And no matter how much I try, I can’t bring back the joy. My mother had suffered so long That now she’s in her grave, And none of your weapons can save The ones you’ve done so wrong. The first time I was deployed, My wife, she up and left me. And I lost my soul to my duty, And all of the past I enjoyed. So I’ll drop off the key in the hall, As soon as I finish this letter. Oh, I think it’s all for the better That I’m going to go AWOL. Even if I am poor and homeless On the lonely streets of America, From New York to California, I’ll protest this senselessness. I’ll say, “Don’t listen to CNN, Please don’t watch Fox News! Government and media fuse All this brainwashing hand in hand.” So, if all this blood must be spilled, Then why can’t you give your own? Or are you just an apostle on loan? Why should the innocent be killed? If you send in the MP’s, Tell them I mean no harm. I won’t even be bearing arms. I guess they’ll just shoot me. Mr. Commander in Chief, I'm not gonna fight your war 'Cause I'm not in this world To kill poor people in grief.
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